Sunday, February 14, 2010

Everyone Meet Scooter!

This is Scooter, my foster dog. I am fostering him through Hounds Haven Basset Rescue here in Iowa. I've had him for about four weeks now, and he's a very awesome little dog!

I haven't gotten the time to blog lately, partially because of how busy my classes have become, and partially because I'm busy with him. He was a handful at first- VERY BUSY! He was into everything, all over the place. I think he had just gone stir-crazy from being bounced around from his owner to different shelters, to the rescue transport, and had a lot of pent-up energy to express. But it was apparent that once he got his energy out, he was a huge cuddle monster and super-sweet boy.

Unfortunately, he started limping badly about a week and a half after I got him, and trips to the veterinarian have confirmed that he will need corrective surgeries on both of his elbows in order to fix some bone injuries. He's doing well right now, he's been put on a great medicine that acts as an anti-inflamatory and pain killer, so he's no longer limping so badly. He will have his surgery in 2-3 weeks (one of the injuries will take time in order to properly show up on xray, so until then they can't really do surgery on it.)

There is a fundraiser going on right now to cover the cost of Scooter's surgery. I am raffleing off a custom "8 x8" painting of any dog of the winner's choice . Tickets are $5 apiece, or buy 5 get one free. Raffle tickets are being sold through the Three Dog Bakery in West Des Moines, Iowa, (you can also call them and purchase with a credit card) and through the Hounds Haven Basset Rescue website (via Paypal-include your contact information.) If we raise more than the cost of the surgery (which will be between $1,300 and $1,800), then the rescue will have extra money in their veterinary fund in order to help dogs in the future.

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