Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm on a yarn kick again

With so much painting right up until the holidays, I was a little bit 'all painted out', so I was eager to get going with some other projects. I had bought some yarn for my Grandma to use, but she didn't want to start on anything while she still had a project going (she's in the middle of a full sized crochet afghan), so my Mom decided to learn how (and I should have remembered to take a picture of her project to put on here, because she did a really good job :) .) I decided that I wanted to work on an idea I'd had for awhile, a mustard yellow cowl scarf.

I had the idea of using multiple strands of a lighter yarn together to make a thick, chunky stitch. I used Vanna's Choice yard, 4 different strands, and it worked out really well. I meant to make it a mobius scarf, but I quickly screwed that up (just didn't figure out how to twist it until a few weeks later) so it's just a tube. I also accidently made it looser than I wanted, but I found a great broach to pin it more tightly. I really like how the finished project turned out, and I'm going to be crocheting quite a bit more for awhile.


  1. I frickin' love

    you need to do a buttload of these and sell them.

    done and done

    also, that should be your new profile pic on FB and twitter. it's a good one!