Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've had this finished for about a month now, so I'd better show it off.  It's 24" X 18" acrylic on canvas, and it's heading to Cedar Rapids this weekend to my Aunt and Uncle.  It's a portrait of their two dogs, Patrick and Bridgette, a lab/great dane mix and a golden retriever (she's a very red golden, she gets mistaken for an Irish setter fairly often)  I worked off of a photo that was taken of them in October.  It was Bridgette's tenth birthday, and she got a brand new can of tennis balls as a gift.  I loved the photo and decided to paint it for them as a Christmas gift.  I got extremely busy just before Christmas, and so I told them that it would be on its way after the holidays.

If you know these two dogs, you know how perfect this picture setup is- Patrick is a giant goofball, kind of a dummy but very sweet.  He usually has that look of 'durh?' on his face.  Bridgette is in her own little world of 'I haz a tennis baaaaaaalll!!!!' and will lay there and hold that ball over her head, raising it and lowering into her mouth over and over again for an hour.  Outside of fetch, it's her very favorite pastime.  She's a very smart dog- especially standing next to Patrick, and can probably smell a tennis ball from a half mile.

The style that I used is a little new to me, in the past I've painted every last hair on animals,  but I'm moving to a new style with more abstraction with this piece, and the other dog paintings from a few days ago. I'm liking the style of this a lot, I'm probably going to be doing this as a main style for awhile.

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