Monday, February 23, 2009

Twilight, and also cupcakes

So, I'm not actually a fan of Twilight. I have not read the books at all.  I really had no interest in the books. I did enough 'research' to figure out they revolved around teenage angsty vampires, and that was really all that I wanted to know.  And then, my good friend Kelly started telling me about this amazing blog that she had found where the writer had reviewed all of the Twilight books, adding her own snarky, hillarious commentary on the entire experience.

And so I went to said blog to see just how snarky it was.  And it was AMAZING.  I read every bit of Cleolinda's Twilight review , and I laughed the whole way through.  I think it was much better than actually reading the books, she's dead on with her humor throughout and it just gets better the further into the series she gets.  And then, when it just could not get better, she she reviewed the movie. And did so rather accurately.

So I shared this bloggy goodness with others, and we all decided that once Twilight the movie got to the local dollar theater, we would make this into an event. So, last night was the debut of Sparklefest, aka the viewing of Twilight by myself, Kelly and Eloisa. It honestly wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be- visually, the actual cinematography is very good, and the long shots of the landscape really made me want to visit the pacific northwest like, tomorrow.  There was a very expected amount of teen angst- oh lord, the angst! Thick with angst (which I guess takes up a good three quarters of the first book, so no surprise that the first half of the movie was mostly ANNGGASSSSSSSSSSST) and an enormous amount of  ' play the building mood music as the vampire and new girl in town sloooooooooooowwly walk past each other, staring, and posing like it's all about to become an Ambercrombie ad campaign.'  We did say before hand, if the movie wasn't aweful, we'll go to the others together- once they hit the dollar theater. Again, it wasn't bad, but it was not worth $7.

In other news, leading up to last night's Sparklefest, I randomly thought " you know, I don't get to see these guys very often, I should do something special" which led to " I have cake mix, I should use it." which exploded shortly thereafter into "OMG Twilight cupcakes!!!"

And so, you see the result. Sparkling vampire cupcakes complete with some vampiric nom marks, and Fursploded werewolf cupcakes (yes I know, the werewolves don't show up until the second movie. But after reading Cleolinda's review of the entire series, 'fursplode' may be my new favorite word.)

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  1. BAH HA HA HA HA!!!! I would totally eat those. Yum.
    The Pacific Northwest (Vancouver Island for me) is heaven. I have been there a few times and if I could, it is where I would spend the rest of my life.