Friday, February 27, 2009

Illustration Friday

My scanner kind of murdered this, I wasn't able to really fix the colors.  Anyway, it's a tufted titmouse, cute little songbird.  It's about 8" X 5.5" , watercolor with ink pen accents. It's one of my favorite ways to illustrate.  This will either go up for sale on Etsy in the near future, or be donated to a cause I've been pondering for a little while- Long story short, my next-door neighbor from the house I grew up in recently passed away.  The year or so before we moved out of that house, I put up a bird feeder that her kids had gotten for her when she was in the hospital for a short time, and she loved watching the birds. I eventually got her a few more feeders and various types of seed, and she became glued to her kitchen window most every day, happily watching birds and chipmunks and squirrels scurry about.  She ended up moving to a nursing home at the same time as we moved out of our house, luckily that place had bird feeders.  I didn't end up going to her funeral, It would have been tough for me to get home for it, and I tend to do very, very badly at funerals, and I didn't want my inablity to control my emotions to bother everyone else. I am thinking of doing a series of these birds and donating them to her nursing home in honor of her for the other residents to enjoy.

Also- I'm so jealous of Birdnerd's style. If anyone wants to buy me one of her prints, that would be swell.

EDIT- I've decided to sell this piece, as well as a few others, and I'm working on a larger painting that will be donated to her nursing home. I felt a larger painting would be better.

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