Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Review

Wow, where did that weekend go?  I had a great time, even though it was one of the busier couple of days I've had for awhile.

This is what I've been working on for awhile, so here's an in-progress shot.  This is for a client, and I'm going to be very sad when it's time to give it to them because I am absolutely in love with it!  Your eyes do not deceive you, it is very large- four by five feet.  And that is the corner of my dining room table down in the bottom of the picture, it's too big to fit in my studio.  I've never done this style of impressionism before, and I love it. I'm happy that I have a large canvas of my own around that I have not figured out what to do with yet, it's going to be an impressionist something awesome just for me very soon.

So Saturday afternoon my parents and sister came to town.  It was great to see them, they don't make it to Des Moines very often.  We all went shopping for furniture for my parent's house, I think we may be able to talk my Mom into a new sofa and chair for the living room (Mom- they looked really good.  Dooooo it, Doo it!)  We found a great new restaurant, The Stadium. It's a sports bar/grille of the corner of  Grand & Railroad.  I had seen it before, but had never gone in, and we needed a place to eat that wouldn't take too long to get a seat at. It was very, very good, and I'm pretty sure my Dad will still be raving about the waffle fries in a month.

While my parents chilled at my apartment and watched the UNI game, my sister and I went to Legally Blonde, the Musical at the civic center.  I had heard great things, but I wasn't sure how it was going to be- I'm not a big fan of chick flicks.  Legally Blonde the movie was ok, but not a huge favorite of mine.  Let me just say that any reservations that I had were  totally unfounded- It was a GREAT show!  I was very impressed with the cast, usually in traveling shows I find that there's at least one cast member that is decidedly on the B-string,  but I couldn't find one here.  The woman playing Elle Woods was excellent- She honestly looked a LOT like Reese Witherspoon.  The humor was great, even the guys in the crowd ( half of which looked to have been dragged in on their girlfriend's arm) seemed to have plenty to enjoy.  I'm very stingy about what shows I give a standing ovation to, and this one earned it.

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  1. is it a bad thing if I think it looks better than the reference you showed me in the book? I like yours WAAAAY better!