Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Alive !

Holy Cow you guys, I haven't posted in a long time. But things in my life got pretty nuts there for a little bit. Here, I shall run through them really quick

-I applied to graduate school at Iowa State University
- I got accepted to grad school, I'll start in January getting my MFA in Graphic Design. The plan is to teach at a four year or university.
- I looked at apartments in Ames, seeing as my lease on my Des Moines apartment ended at the end of October and it made no sense to stick around for another two months and move durning December.
- Found an apartment- actually the exact same one I shared with two awesome roomies the last year of my undergrad. Great location, cute place, and an awesome landlady. WIN.
- I moved.
-Then I did the Market Day show in Des Moines for October. If I ever think that a show plus a major move in the same week is a good plan ever again, someone please slap me.

So all in all, life got pretty insane there for awhile. Now I'm back, comfortably settled into my Ames apartment (which I'll probably post a virtual tour of soon, 'cause it's awesome) and getting back to regular posts, regular artworkings, regular updates to the Etsy shop, and regular sleep (I think I like that last one best.)

Catching up on some of my latest work, here are some stepping stones that were completed last month- well, the ones that are not Christmas gifts, anyway. I don't want to spoil things for anyone :)

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  1. Hi Molly Nagel! Happy New Year to you! I just found your site so I want to comment. The critter stepping stones are delightful, but what caught my eye was yes....your "house/studio tour". I am a sucker for looking at people's spaces.Anyway, I hate paneling on the walls, but I have to tell you, you made your bedroom look very cozy indeed. Your kitchen looks pretty cute too. I have a big snuggly frog on my couch and everyone who sits there ends up with it on their lap. Funny but cute to see adult children and 3 year old grandchildren snuggling the same critter. Oh....and congrats to you getting into grad school!