Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cake in Blue

My friend Kelly's birthday is tomorrow, and we decided to have some cake at my place tonight with some friends. I don't decorate cakes very often these days, so this was a lot of fun to do. I had been thinking for awhile that I wanted to try doing an undercut tiered cake, and this gave me a perfect opportunity. I LOVE the way it turned out! The cake was raspberry and lemon flavored. I believe the conversation about that choice went about like this-

"what flavor do you want your cake?"


"OH kay, little more specific maybe?"

"... what all can you do?"

"Well, there's chocolate and vanilla, obviously, and then there's the more custom ones I've done, strawberry vanilla, lemon, raspberry..."

"THAT! Back up, what was that last one?"

"Lemon Raspberry?"


It was yummy :)

Really, cake is a pretty good medium for me because it teaches me to take things less seriously. I can't get too anal about cake, especially when I'm not being paid to do it. It'll look great for a few hours, but at the end of the day it's going to be eaten, it's going to be gone. Life as an artist can be unpredictable and frustrating, and cake is a good exercise in letting go and enjoying the process and the moment. I've thought about doing it full time in the past, but I think I prefer doing it on occasion instead- Too much sugar osmosis tends to be a bad thing !


  1. This was the bestest cake EVER, by the way. All my coworkers are fawning over it now too because I showed them all pictures. :)