Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Prints should I make?

Hi everyone! I've got a request for you all!

I know that there are a decent amount of people who drop in on  this blog from time to time (Hi Mom, Hi Grandma!) and plenty of people who have been interested in prints of my work (Hi Sarah!) And so, I am making plans to offer prints of some of my paintings.  I'm looking at producing quality Giclee prints of 3-7 paintings. I'm not going to make prints of the smaller paintings, anything less than 7 inches square. I may make prints of some of  my older work, like things I painted back in high school. Prints will almost inevitably be smaller than the original work, but they will be much more inexpensive.

So, my lovely blog viewers, if you get some time and you are so inclined, take a look at this blog/my Etsy and let me know which paintings you would most like to see as prints. If you know of a painting that I don't have posted here anywhere, go ahead and suggest it- Just don't say something like 'that one painting of the deer- I have a LOT  of those!  You can leave your thoughts as a comment, email me, or let me know on Facebook (I know that at least some of you follow in from there :)  )

Just for you, here are 2 more paintings, both of which debuted at the Artwalk. The daisy is 8" X 8", the landscape is 12" X 24". 


  1. I love your flowers... those would make fabulous prints. I would definitely snatch those up!

  2. hi molly!! you know which print i want...always have always will

  3. I... kind of want Spiffy Turtle. (If that's allowed, since it's "Steph's").