Friday, July 3, 2009

Poor Maggie!

I'm back in Cedar Rapids for the 4th of July right now, and I just have to blog about both how awesome and heartbreaking my family's dog is right now. We've had Maggie for about three years now, we got her from the Linn County Humane Society.  We guess that she's a mix of border collie and chow chow, and she's just the sweetest thing alive. She loves going for walks, and is so smart that she has memorized everything that can lead to a walk- down to the specific shoes that people wear- and will follow you around the house if you show any signs of an upcoming walk, just so that you can't sneak out without her. She's pretty much awesome.

Unfortunately, she's terrified of two things- thunderstorms and fireworks. This makes the 4th of July holiday a very scary time for her. People around the neighborhood have been setting off fireworks for the last few hours, and the poor dog is pacing the entire house, afraid to sit down for too long, and trying to cram herself into any space she can find. Poor baby. It's going to be a long couple of days :(  

The first picture I took of her today, about an hour ago. She was on her way out of the bedroom, after deciding that she could not, in fact, get far enough under the bed to be safe. The second one is a much better picture of her from shortly after she came to live with us. She was much poofier- and thinner. She has a summer haircut now that makes her look like a shorn sheep with a big poofy tail.

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  1. I used to have a basset hound named Maggie, and in her older years she too became afraid of fireworks and thunder. She liked to climb things when she got scared. :| I miss her!