Thursday, March 12, 2009

Painting progress, and other news

Hello, my lovely blog followers!

I know I havn't been very good at updating this week, I apologize. I picked up a part time job with a local fabric store, and although I love it, the amount of hours that they are giving me currently is cutting significantly into my blogging time.  I should get in the groove of things soon and be able to post more often again.

Here is another picture of the painting that I showed earlier. I had a few solid days to work on it recently and got a lot finished. It isn't done yet, I still have changes that I want to make, but I do love it and it makes me happy, and I kind of want to cuddle it a little :) .  

I really am planning on having new (yes NEW! Brand-spankin' new!) work to put up by the end of the weekend, so stay tuned!


  1. which fabric store did you end up getting in with? I'm happy for you, I think part time jobs are a good time! the painting looks fantastic!

  2. Molly-
    I didn't even know this blog was here, but now that I've found it, I will keep coming back. Your work gets more amazing every time I see it. I especially LOVE this newest one, its amazing!!!! I changed my mind I want you to do something more like this for me...when you get a chance.