Sunday, November 15, 2009

House Tour!


Ok so it's probably not nearly that exciting. But still, you get to see where I live now. I moved in here in October, and I was hoping to have the place perfect before a tour on the blog, but I got impatient, so here it is now. I was going to wait and take pictures on a nice sunny day (this place is so pretty with the sun coming in) but then I figured that I'd spent a few hours cleaning, so I might as well do things now. Plus, I tried to capture the awesome of the daytime light the last time I lived here, and it didn't really work out, so this is about as awesome as it's going to get.

This is pretty much the center of the house, the dining room. That in the background is my bedroom (we'll get there,) and the side slice of doorway on the left is the bathroom (which I'm not going to show you because it's tiny, tough to photograph... and it's a bathroom.)

Turning around from the former shot, here is the living room. Wall space in here is a little empty right now, I'm anticipating a few paintings coming up and leaving room for them.
And yes, that is a hammerhead shark on the back of the couch. His name is Lurch. I made him about a year ago, he was a project for Folkmanis Puppets that never got put into production. He was a little too cool to get shoved in a closet and looked really odd in my bedroom. So I figure if I'm going to be a grown woman with a stuffed animal on her sofa, it had better be something hardcore.
EDIT: For some reason Lurch is cut out of the shot, if you click on the picture it will pop out larger and then you can see him in all of his sharky awesomeness.

Another pic of the living room. Dang, the walls are super empty, I have to get working on that. The front door, by the way, is over to the right out of the picture.
And for that shot I'm standing in the doorway of-

The studio.

Other side of the studio.

Hey look it's my bedroom! I know you're all jealous of that wood paneling. It's pretty sexy.

Another shot in my bedroom. Anyone who's thinking they'll rob me for that jewelry hanging right there- almost all of it is from Target. Specifically, the clearance section. Pretty sure none of it is worth more than $5.

And a quick shot of the kitchen, which is (predictably) off of the dining room. Not shown are the fridge, oven and dishwasher, which are on the wall opposite this. I was going to include that shot, but I figure most of you have seen appliances before, these aren't special.

Thats about it! Way to go sticking with me, this was a long post. Better go get yourself a drink and a snack :) And come visit me soon!

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  1. I have a stuffed dog named Puddles on my sofa that I got on Vancouver island like 14 years ago. So there... we are BOTH lame.