Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have clearly underestimated the burglars in this neighborhood

I noticed the cherry picker truck show up this morning, and I figured the complex had some trees they were working on. Then, sitting on my couch checking emails, I look up and see this. Actually, when I first saw the guy coming up, it looked like they were coming for my third-floor balcony, specifically. He ended up making it to his intended target, the roof (where I can hear him walking right now,) but being a real smart a$$, my first, VERY first reaction was 'wow-that is a criminal with ambition. Word must have gotten around that I have cool stuff." (yeah, if only!)

Maybe before they leave I can talk them into using that boom to move my couch out of my apartment. Moving it down the stairs inside is going to be a real pain.


  1. So, what are they doing? Working on the roof?

  2. um ... "working on the roof" ?

  3. ... I'm going to go with 'working on the roof.' For 300, Alex.