Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art Shows in Review!

Wow, the last couple of weeks have just flown by! Here's a recap of my last two shows.

Yesterday here in Des Moines was Market Day, and it was another successful show. The weather was great again, nice and cool, which is great for Market Day, because it takes place in a large warehouse building that heats up quickly in warm weather. This time I set up between Martha Thien, a jeweler who does awesome work with crochet and glass beads, and
Bethany Ogle, who has some really awesome artwork.

Full set up at Market Day

Tables at Market Day

The Brucemore Garden Art Show in Cedar Rapids could not have gone better! The weather was amazing, sunny, with a high of only about 78 degrees, and a gentle breeze. I had a great day and it was a very successful show. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to see me! And major, MAJOR thanks to Angela Meijer, who let me borrow her gridwall setup for the show! You should all go check out her artwork, it's so happy!

All set up for the Garden Art Show at Brucemore

It's been an incredible last couple of weeks! I won't be having any other shows (that I know of- I'll let you all know if something pops up!) for the next month. I will, however, be listing some brand new prints and greeting cards on Etsy very soon, so keep an eye out!

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