Monday, May 11, 2009

Days of Rain

Painted from my own photos again, this was a shot taken outside of Waverly, Iowa, as a huge storm moved off in the distance. This photo was taken about a week after another monster storm moved through that area of the state. It spawned an F5 tornado that decimated much of the town of Parkersburg. It's a totally different storm, but it still was a creepy thing to look at in the context of the time. I like the mood that I captured in this one. It's 16" X 20", and this one is on a thin framable stretched canvas.  It will also go up for sale in the near future.

TWO blog posts in the SAME WEEK! I'm so proud of myself :)

EDIT- ended up deciding not to sell this one- I've grown rather attached to it. Plus the canvas kind of warped a little bit, and I'd feel bad about selling something with damage, even if it's tiny damage.

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