Saturday, May 2, 2009

April, come she will; May, she will stay

Man, once upon a time I was good at updating this blog!

It probably goes without saying, I've been busy again- and it's probably not going to stop any time soon! I have been enjoying spring, I always get super excited to watch everything become green. it rained like crazy for awhile this past couple of weeks, but I love seeing the flowers start to pop. Here, have some crab apple blooms.

ALSO- first person to tell me what song and who sang it that I'm quoting in the title of this post gets a free something. Not totally sure what the free something is yet, but it will something nice :)


  1. That's "April Come She Will" by Simon & Garfunkel. :)

  2. Steph, you win! I'll be emailing you about your prize :)
    Better luck next time grungezombie! There will be more givaways in the future, maybe I'll even give some warning next time :)

  3. ok... so here is why I didn't answer: I totally had NO idea. I'm a loser who doesn't know music! but the painting is cute!