Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey everyone! Did you miss me?

My poor, neglected blog, how have you been?

Hi everyone, my life became about ten types of crazy for the remainder of March, so the Etsy is being put off, hopefully now to open in April.

As I mentioned, I got a part time job, at the JoAnn Fabrics in Clive, Iowa.  I've been getting a TON of hours there, almost forty a week.  Between that and some other side projects, I've been pretty much swamped for awhile now.  On the bright side, I've made some great contacts recently, which I'll elaborate on later as more details emerge.

I'm kind of sad about the weather right now- It was so nice and warm and sunny there for a little while, and today it's cold and windy, and there's snow in the area. Boo.  Therefore my art today is me thinking about spring and summer.  I like the seashell- I've always liked seashells, my parents can attest to this, I've got hundreds of the things at home.  I found a couple of seashells in a closet earlier today, so I decided to paint one.

I'm not so sure about the pansy painting. I started with the background, which was going to have a bunny painted on it, and then lost interest.  I ended up going with this Etain viola flower. I had them in my garden 3 years ago, they're very lovely, but they are a rather minimalist flower.  I think I havn't used enough contrast in the painting, I should darken up that background at least. I'll probably do some more work on this one. and re-post it when I do.

Have a happy week!

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